QR code tours at historical sites in Northern Wales engage tourists

QR code tours engage mobile visitors

Volunteers in Northern Wales are placing QR codes at historic sites across the country in order to educate and engage tourists and visitors. When a visitor scans a QR code with their smartphone, they are able to access detailed information about the historical site on their mobile device. This information might include  pictures, videos, text or even historical documents.

These so-called QR code tours have become popular in recent months and are expected to become even more common at museums, zoos, and parks in the coming months and years. In addition, the ability to track the content visitors access by tracking the number of QR code scans at each exhibit or location, can show which exhibits or locations are most popular. This data can be used by museums and tour guides to better understand the interests of visitors and tailor future programming or exhibits to such interests.

QR code tours not only provide more information, but also keep the information up to date.

The volunteers involved in this project, specifically Eugene Stevenson and Rhodri Clark, have realized that there is a great deal of history connected to these historical sites, and a simple plaque may not provide enough information for an especially curious tourist. According to Stevenson, ensuring visitors have access to all the details of a given historical site will lead to a greater appreciation of the historical event or location.

Smartphone and tablet users can simply scan the barcode in order to be automatically redirected to a webpage that provides detailed information about the specific site or exhibit.

The history project has taken a broad view of the topic, which means that it provides QR code tours that cover everything from recent events to geologic features.  At the time this article was written, the two volunteers had already achieved 11,500 QR code scans that lead to the HistoryPoints website, which was launched nine months ago.

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