Great QR Code Ideas and Marketing Campaigns of 2012

5 Creative QR Code Ideas

If you are skeptical about QR code marketing campaigns and what they can do for your company, then take a look at some of the most successful and creative QR code ideas of 2012.

QR Code Landing Pages - Kraft

Kraft recently got in on the QR code trend with a campaign designed to promote their range of cheeses. They placed QR codes on five different cheese products, and when consumers scanned these codes, they were taken to a mobile landing page that displayed a recipe using that particular product – allowing consumers to interact with the company in a really useful way.

QR Code Contest – KFC

KFC’s recent campaign was two-fold – it promoted their new Classic Pot Pie product and gave consumers a chance to win hundreds of prizes every hour. QR codes were displayed on their soft drink cups, and prizes included a trip to Las Vegas, Dr Pepper for a year, KFC chicken for a year and a year’s subscription to a radio station. Consumers could also share the sweepstakes with their friends on Facebook or Twitter, which would generate another code for them to enter into the sweepstakes.

QR Codes on Menus – Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili’s Grill & Bar is no stranger to mobile marketing – they’ve been displaying QR codes in their restaurants for some time, but recently, they experimented with a new QR code idea; Chili’s placed QR codes on their menus to promote new menu items and products. They’ve recently launched a healthier living campaign, and their new QR codes linked to seven new healthy menu items as well as nutritional information and more information about the menu items.

QR Codes and Social Media – Duane Reade

Duane Reade also wanted to improve their social media status – they displayed large QR codes on their store windows with the aim of driving up social media impressions and foot traffic. A scan of the code enabled consumers to connect with Duane Reade via their chosen social network, and with the words “Scan – Connect – Save” displayed prominently beneath the code, users were encouraged to scan the code to get exclusive discounts and special offers.

QR Code Email Newsletters, QR Code Coupons – Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets went in a bit of a different direction with their QR code ideas, and created a campaign to build an email database – users were encouraged to scan the code to join their Rocket e-club to receive local updates and deals. Codes were displayed around the restaurant and on tables, so that when consumers were waiting for their meals, they could scan the code and find out more about how to sign up for deals.

The major companies above are getting in on the QR code trend and using creative QR code ideas in their marketing campaigns– so why not join them? Sign up for your Free trial and complimentary 1 hour consultation today.


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