Agency Account

If you are an advertising or marketing agency, consider offering QR Code Tracking & Analytics to your clients as a white label service. When you open an Agency Account, you can assign accounts to each of your clients.

How an “Agency Account” Works

  • We design a custom login portal that you place on your website.
  • You assign an account to each of your clients, and provide them with a username and password.
  • Your clients login to the backend of our software via the portal on your website to access the QR code generator, as well as the Tracking & Analytics Reports.
  • As the agency, you will have an administrator account. This includes the ability to edit or delete client accounts at any time. In addition, you can generate and place QR codes into individual client accounts and edit the destination of any client QR code at any time.
  • You can also set the account permissions; Maintain more control over clients by granting access to only the Tracking & Analytics Reports, or enable clients to generate QR codes and view the Tracking & Analytics Reports.

Place a custom “white label” login portal on your website, where your clients can login to the backend of our software to generate QR codes or view their scan reports.


  • Flat Monthly Agency Fee: $250
  • Monthly Fee for each client account: $2-$15 (depending on the number of clients accounts)
  • Please contact us for more detailed information.



Affiliate Reseller

If you have a blog or website, and would like earn money by selling our product (QR Code Management, Tracking and Analytics) to your site visitors, our QR code affiliate reseller program is for you.

How Our Affiliate Reseller Program Works

  • You signup to join our program, and immediately recieve a $5 bonus.
  • We provide you with marketing materials such as banners, text ads, and other information that you place on your blog or website. In addition, we provide you with a custom, trackable link that leads to our website.
  • You receive a commission every time a customer purchases our product after referral from your website/blog.
  • You are paid when your balance reaches $50, via PayPal or a traditional check.
  • Because our product is a subscription, you will receive a 30% commission every single month, per referral. For example, if you refer a customer who purchases a Bronze Account Subscription, you will receive $7.50/month, every month. 
Referral Commisions
  • Green Account Commission: $2.70/month
  • Bronze Account Commission: $7.50/month
  • Silver Account Commission: $11.70/month
  • Gold Account Commission: $17.70/month 
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